The Importance of Breaking Down Your Heart-Wall


Clearing your Heart-Wall and getting back to a place where you can genuinely feel loving, caring emotions is perhaps one of the most important aspects of maintaining a balanced and emotionally stable life.

Throughout his tenure as an energy healer, Dr. Nelson explains that the results of a Heart-Wall removal are often vast and profound.

From addressing utter despair and crushing anger, to helping previously emotionally isolated individuals connect to others, clearing a Heart-Wall may help you recover from heartache you may have experienced in the past to find love, joy, and meaning again.

A Heart-Wall removal could help you feel emotions, foster energies, and express the love that you may have thought no longer existed in your life.

It could enable you to live how you’ve always wanted to—with increased vibrancy, wellness, love, and joy.

Heart-Wall removal package

Do you want to live a life filled with love, joy and connection whilst having a vibrant and healthy life as we are meant to?

This is the first step to enable you to achieve that.

To protect the heart from being hurt, the subconscious mind builds a wall around the heart from pulling in trapped emotions from elsewhere in the body which offers good temporary protection but it is not a permanent solution. These are what are called Heart-Wall emotions and approximately 93% of people have a Heart-Wall.

Within the Emotion Code, we look into finding and releasing Heart-Wall emotions that can go on to create physical, mental and emotional health issues.

Heart-Wall removal may help you to -

  • Feel lighter and happier

  • Create deeper connections and improve relationships

  • Have more empathy

  • Feel more calm and confident