It is said that we are meant to be joyful, abundant and healthy people.

Reveal the true you is about peeling away the layers of negative trapped emotions, mental and physical imbalances, also negative core beliefs that create struggle in life and hold you back. Releasing these negative energies can help you return to the energetic blueprint of what or who you are truly meant to be.

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code looks at finding and releasing your emotional baggage in the form of trapped emotions. If not addressed, these can contribute to physical, mental and emotional health issues. Let me help you to find and release yours! 

the body code

The Body Code

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Body Code is an energy therapy that works to discover and remove imbalances that contribute to mental, emotional and physical issues in order to restore health and wellbeing.

the belief code

The Belief Code

The Belief Code releases negative core belief systems that give you a false view of reality. The "truth" of your subconscious mind can block from aligning with your highest self, achieving your goals or contribute to mental, emotional and physical health issues.

Gemma Fae

Zoe has been absolutely amazing. Without going into too much detail, when I first started having sessions for the emotion and body code, I was struggling with a panic disorder and couldn't leave the house at my worst. I have my life back now because of Zoe.

She's helped me, my whole family and even some of our animals with different things. We can all see and feel the difference and can't praise or thank her enough.

Julia C

Zoe is a wonderful practitioner, she is very kind and knowledgeable and holds the space beautifully. I have had several Belief and Emotion Code sessions with her, and I have felt powerful energy shifts each time. I feel lighter and freer, mentally and emotionally, since our last session together. Highly recommended! 

5 stars



Neisha Betts

Such an interesting and relaxing session with Zoe - the body and emotion code work was fascinating and it feels so good to know I have cleared my energies as part of my healing journey. I followed it with a lymphatic foot massage which was very relaxing also and worked well together as a whole session. Zoe spent a lot of time explaining everything, ensuring I was comfortable and happy with it and providing me with a write up afterwards. Highly recommend. X

Sharon Kirkham

I attended one of Zoe’s incredible emotion code workshops and was totally blown away with, it’s absolutely fascinating and I was intrigued to see if Zoe could work with our dog Lyla. Lyla had terrible anxiety and fear around bonfire night, for days leading up to it and weeks after which were incredibly debilitating for her. Hiding in corners of the rooms, severe heart palpitations, amongst many other physical, emotional and mental symptoms. After sessions with Zoe leading up to bonfire night this year I can honestly say I was amazed at the outcome. Lyla was blasé to the fireworks this year, not reactive at all to hearing them and completely calm. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Zoe also worked on another issue Lyla had with her food and we have also seen huge positive changes in this area too.
I highly recommend Zoe and the emotion code I only wish I’d found her sooner !
Thank you Zoe x

Amber LB

Completely changed my day to day life whilst pregnant with my third child, I will be forever grateful! Zoe was so lovely and helpful and talked me through everything step by step so I fully understood. My symptoms eased off within 1 session with Zoe and were completely gone after she came round too see me! Would definitely recommend Zoe and the body code to anyone and everyone, thank you for helping me!xx

Melissa Stanton

I've had reflexology off Zoe and just this morning a wonderful Usui Angelic Reiki treatment. She is a lovely lady and very good at what she does. I feel more balanced and lighter and it was an amazing experience. Highly recommend!! Thank you, I will be back
**update** after visiting and having many different treatments up to date, I found Zoe's Emotion and Body code treatments especially effective, not just for me but the whole family! I cannot recommend Zoe enough, and these healing treatments are absolutely phenomenal!

5 stars

Chloe G Sales

Absolutely changed my life!! 1000000% recommend Zoë. I have loved everyone of my treatments and always book in again before I leave! Lovely lady, so kind and thoughtful with lots of knowledge and experience! See you next week

Samantha Brennan

Zoe is such a lovely friendly passionate and dedicated lady. She really has helped me in so many ways. Zoe creates a magical safe haven where you completely forget everything. Thanks so much Zoe xx

Kirsty Bailey

Loved my treatment with Zoe, very relaxing and I felt great after. would defently recommend.

Louise Wilton

I have had a few treatments with Zoe. Each one was wonderful and I left with a sense of wellbeing, totally relaxed and with less pain. I would highly recommend Zoe and I will be going back to her. She is a lovely, friendly and very caring lady. Xxx

Emma Harrop

Zoe makes you feel at comfort and ease I would recommend her treatments